Equestrianism Introduction

It is not enough to learn horsemanship alone. Horse related knowledge is also very important. A person who can really ride a horse has a very rich reserve of knowledge about horses. So, as long as you start to learn riding, and want to progress and breakthrough, horse related knowledge are necessary, including their physiology, psychology, feeding, training and so on. If you want to really control a horse and reach a tacit understanding with it, you will inevitably need to understand the characteristics of the horse, but not to ignore its characteristics, use the wrong method, and try to control it.

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If your horse doesn't listen, that doesn't mean there's something wrong with the horse. The problem is more likely to be caused by the person giving the command. How are horses controlled and trained? How to correct its bad habits? How does a horse think? On the way to equestrian learning, we need to know a lot of knowledge. In order to learn equestrian well, we need to have a basic understanding of these knowledge, and then enrich and deepen it to form a complete system. Only in this way can we really guide horses in the right way and in good ways, and form a good understanding with them.

Riding Details

  1. A rider can handle horses that are much stronger than himself. The key to riding a horse is to use the brain, not by brute force. The most important point is the accurate instructions, it can help you better control the horse, make up for the lack of horse reasoning logic ability.

  2. Training is conditioned by repeating the same instructions over and over again. If your command is wrong, the horse is likely to give false feedback. The horse cannot distinguish between good and bad habits defined by the rider. The horse will not know the rider's intention and the correct behavior instructions, but will harvest what the rider needs.

  3. The horse training process requires gradual patience and systematic skill. The horse needs training and encouragement. Timely reward and punishment are necessary. The horse needs repeated training. Most of the horses’ bad habits are mostly from the rider's neglect. The horse must be trained in the correct way. Most of the adverse effects can be avoided and improved by the correct training method and control method.

My Riding Experience

I first got in touch with equestrian when I was seven years old. Since then, I started to be fascinated to riding. Horse riding is a very gentlemanly sport. It can not only correct my bad posture, but also exercise my body. Moreover, equestrian is a sport completed by people and animals. It requires close cooperation between people and horses, which can guide me to communicate with animals, cultivate patience and love, and make me more optimistic, happy to get along with people and learn to take the initiative to pay. Through equestrian, I learn to make friends with same hobbies and increase social communication. At the same time, I also learn the cooperation, obedience and communication skills in the team.

Until now, I‘m still captivated to equestrian. I participated in many competitions and won many awards since I started to learn equestrian. Now I can participate in plenty of provincial competitions as representative.

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My Horse

My horse is called Binicky, who is a German warm blooded horse. She has black hair all over her body. She runs with light steps and looks ornamental. She is a very docile and gentle horse. She doesn't move when unloading his harness. Before riding, I will help her clean her dirt and hooves. I took her to many provincial competitions and we always have perfect cooperation.

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