Running Tips

First of all, it is best to find a track and field. If the ground is plastic track, it can reduce the harm of your knees and feet. If there is no such track or field, it is recommended to find a park or other places to run. We don’t recommend running on the road.

Secondly, do warm-up exercises before running. Do not run directly without warm-up in order to save time.If you run without warm-up, your body and heart and lung system have not entered the state, and your body temperature is low, and your muscles are not flexible, which is easy to cause sports injuries and problems such as side gas.

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Thirdly, running may appear abdominal pain, this is the phenomenon of side gas, side gas is called the professional term "short exercise abdominal pain". Do not run without warm-up. After the emergence of the can suspend running, change to walk, abdominal pain will disappear. At the same time, for people who just started running, do not set goals for themselves. Just run as far as you can, do not force yourself to run like 5 km. When you start running at the first time, your body has not adapted to the exercise intensity, so it is easy to cause physical discomfort. For starters, consider a combination of running, walking and jogging.

Finally,Stretching after a run is just as important as warming up. If you don't stretch after a run, your muscles will stiffen and the lactic acid won't break down right away, which will affect your running workouts and make you more tired.

These are my running experience.These tips are also very useful for others sports. I believe these tips can help you run correctly and safely.

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